Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications play a crucial role in your IT infrastructure. Integrating and aligning them with your business processes is essential for building a successful and scalable IT foundation. Whether you’re implementing, upgrading, rolling out, or managing enterprise-wide applications, Cedrus Technology can assist in minimizing costs and risks while maximizing efficiencies and benefits for your business. Our proprietary frameworks, tools, and accelerators, supported by global R&D, are designed to align with the application life cycle.

With long-term strategic partnerships with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and other technology leaders, along with our Centers of Excellence and cutting-edge certifications, our experts stay at the forefront of the latest technology advancements. This translates to reduced risk, improved efficiency, and more innovative solutions for you.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud and infrastructure systems are the backbone of the customer experience and any digital transformation efforts. Our clients require secure cloud and infrastructure services that enable and accelerate innovation, while also providing agility to adapt to changing market conditions.

Cedrus Technology builds, manages, and secures cloud and infrastructure solutions for some of the most complex and digitally demanding industries and government entities worldwide. We understand that your business has unique requirements that differentiate it, and every aspect of your cloud and infrastructure should inform the selection of the best vendors, tools, processes, and resources to deliver high-performing outcomes.

Drive innovation, mitigate risks, and achieve high performance with a global leader in cloud and server data systems, assessment guides, and migration. Enhance your digital transformation and optimize performance with pioneers in IT Service Management. Upgrade to a high-performing network to support your digital business.


Cloud Advisory & Adoption of Cloud-enabled services
Cloud Migration services
Cloud Product Development services
Refactoring and integrating existing applications with a cloud environment
Implementation and management of private/public/hybrid cloud models
Cloud Technology services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
Modernizing application platforms and data center architectures

Cloud Application

Integre delivers cutting-edge private and hybrid cloud application migration services, enabling secure migration of workloads to Cloud Application Services. Accelerate application modernization and integration, leveraging the full benefits of cloud technologies. Our dedicated Custom Cloud Application Development helps organizations gain and sustain a competitive edge in a fiercely competitive marketplace, ensuring high performance.

As a reputable Cloud Application SaaS Provider, we offer a wide range of services, including application migration to the cloud, cloud application consulting, cloud application infrastructure services, cloud application integration, and cloud application management.