Education institutions must adapt to the new normal of remote learning and working. As e-learning becomes increasingly prevalent, it is essential to replicate the structure and effectiveness of traditional classrooms through digital channels for optimal learning outcomes. Educators not only introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) to students but also utilize AI models and data analysis to understand students’ learning patterns.

The learning process is undergoing a significant transformation as digital technology impacts all aspects of the education system. Implementing digital learning practices can help achieve the objectives of your learning ecosystem. Whether it’s an educational institution or a corporate training center, tailored IT solutions for learning management and unique pedagogical approaches are necessary. Educational institutions of all sizes and segments, including public or private, primary or secondary, and graduate or master’s programs, are embracing this change with enthusiasm.

In this new era, learning and technology are intertwined, and learners from all backgrounds are leveraging digital technologies such as social media, mobile devices, and cloud platforms to meet their academic needs. At Cedrus Technology, we utilize our experience and proven methodologies to address the distinct requirements of our clients. We work closely with educational institutions to provide customized solutions that enhance the learning experience and optimize educational outcomes.


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Cedrus Technology offers a comprehensive range of item writing services for assessments. Our portfolio includes services such as original item creation, item cloning, item alignment, and item review. We ensure the development of high-quality assessment items that meet your specific requirements.

Online Tutoring:

Cedrus Technology specializes in providing online tutoring services to students . We collaborate with partner online education companies to deliver personalized and effective tutoring experiences. Our dedicated tutors are experienced in their respective subjects, offering support and guidance to help students succeed.

Editorial Services:

Cedrus Technology offers a wide range of Editorial Services to our clients. These services encompass solution development, data management, graphics and animation, content creation, storyboarding, and more. Our expert team ensures the delivery of polished and professional content tailored to your specific needs.

Hand Scoring:

Cedrus Technology possesses expertise in scoring essays and test questions. With our meticulous approach, we provide accurate and reliable scoring for assessments. Additionally, we offer valuable case studies that provide insights and practical examples to aid students in their learning journey.