Smart Cities

Cities participating in the smart cities mission require specific solutions and services to facilitate their development. When envisioning a smart city in India, residents often imagine a comprehensive list of high-quality infrastructure and services. Integre Solutions endeavors to meet the citizens’ desires and requirements by focusing on improved utility management and service measurement.

In the current phase of urban development, embracing smart solutions is the logical choice. Statistical data reveals a significant increase in global smart city spending, projected to reach $34.4 billion in 2020, underscoring the rapid pace of urbanization. Consequently, it becomes necessary to establish clear definitions to guide cities in their pursuit of smart city initiatives.

Cedrus Technology Smart Definition:

According to Cedrus Technology, a smart city is a city that incorporates information and communication technologies (ICT) in an environmentally friendly manner to elevate living standards, enhance the quality and efficiency of urban services, and reduce overall costs.

Why Choose Cedrus Technology for Smart City Solutions?

Cedrus Technology prioritizes improving people’s quality of life by harnessing emerging technologies. Transforming a city into a smart city involves leveraging ICT as an enabler for innovation, economic growth, and well-being. A smart city aims to provide its citizens with a sustainable and high-quality living experience, encompassing technology, economy, productivity, mobility, environment, education, health, and security.

Cedrus Technology offers a platform that facilitates real-time access to contextual information, enabling effective management of municipal services. By integrating various components, it enables the processing, analysis, and publication of historical and current data, fostering improved municipal service management and supporting a data-driven economy.

Project Management & Consulting Services:

Video Surveillance System implemented by Police Department
Smart Lighting
ICT Enabled Solid Waste Management
Intelligent Transportation System
E-Challan System
Smart Water Supply System
Smart Education
Smart Town Planning
Smart Transportation/ Mobility
Smart Water Supply and Sanitation
Smart Infrastructure

Cedrus Technology offers a wide range of engineering and design services in the field of Smart City solutions. Our expertise extends from operating and monitoring smart kiosks and energy-efficient buildings to strategic transportation planning. We collaborate closely with city leaders and industry pioneers to devise, design, and execute scalable and integrated technical solutions. Our comprehensive offerings encompass the following areas:
ICT Enablement:
We assist in incorporating information and communication technologies to enable seamless connectivity and efficient communication within the city infrastructure.

Biometric Systems:
Cedrus Technology specializes in implementing advanced biometric systems for secure identification and authentication purposes, ensuring enhanced safety and convenience for residents.

Web Development and Mobile Apps:
Our team excels in developing user-friendly web interfaces and mobile applications, facilitating easy access to city services and information.

Smart Governance:
Cedrus Technology supports the implementation of smart governance practices, enabling efficient decision-making, streamlined processes, and effective citizen engagement.

Monitoring and Seamless Integration:
We provide solutions for real-time monitoring and integration of various systems, ensuring smooth coordination and optimal performance of smart city infrastructure.

Data Analytics:
EGS employs advanced data analytics techniques to extract valuable insights from the vast amounts of data generated by smart city systems, enabling evidence-based decision-making.

Integrated Command and Control Centre:
We design and develop centralized command and control centers that serve as hubs for monitoring and managing various city services and emergency response systems.

Secure VPN Connectivity and Web Filtering: Cedrus Technology offers secure virtual private network (VPN) connectivity solutions and web filtering services to safeguard data transmission and protect against cyber threats.

Digital Wallets, ATMs, Cash Cards, etc.: We assist in the implementation of digital payment systems, such as digital wallets, ATMs, and cash cards, promoting cashless transactions and enhancing financial accessibility.

By leveraging our expertise in these areas, EGS aims to contribute to the successful realization of smart city projects, fostering innovation, efficiency, and an improved quality of life for citizens.