Cedrus Technology is a cutting-edge managed services company that offers a comprehensive range of transformation and support services. We are dedicated to redefining the delivery and consumption of IT services, ensuring assured outcomes for our clients. What sets us apart from traditional infrastructure or cloud managed services providers is our diverse and appealing portfolio of service offerings. Our customers attest to the value we bring to their businesses, serving as a testament to our commitment to delivering Experience Outcomes. With our unique positioning, we are well-equipped to assist clients in accelerating their digital journey. Our ultimate goal is to provide an all-in-one solution for effectively managing the complexities of the cloud. It is our passion for simplifying cloud management that fuels our innovative drive.

Cloud Visibility

Cloud Visibility serves as a unified dashboard for your multi-cloud infrastructure. It consolidates terabytes of unstructured data into interactive graphical dashboards and customizable reports that can be downloaded in various formats. You can slice and filter the data using advanced filters such as account IDs, subscriptions, services, regions, resource tags, and more. Streamline your analysis and chargeback processes across different business categories, such as cost centers, applications, or owners, reducing time and effort.

Cloud Monitoring

Cost Monitoring identifies any unidentified costs associated with data transfers, event IDs, marketplace usage, and more. It provides comprehensive analysis of your infrastructure and offers cost distributions for reserved instances, applications, services, and more, enabling better cost optimization.

Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation involves leveraging the dynamic capabilities of cloud management tools or a cloud solution to perform tasks or functions without manual intervention. Common examples include using the cloud for auto-scaling events with auto scaling groups, auto-provisioning servers to address scaling issues, discovering and shutting down unused instances or processes, and backing up data at predefined intervals. These automation processes and tasks empower IT teams to optimize their operations.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the process of transferring applications, data, and other components hosted on internal servers to a cloud-based infrastructure. Leading cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform offer not only hardware but also a range of rich applications and services for continuous integration, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and more. At Cedrus Technology, our cloud-agnostic products seamlessly integrate with most major cloud-based solutions.

Governance and Reporting

Cedrus Technology Governance and Reporting act as a protective shield for your infrastructure in your absence. It allows you to set up security and budget alerts and generate reports that can be automatically shared with relevant stakeholders. While decentralization brings efficiency, it can result in a loss of control over your infrastructure. Cedrus Technology enables seamless collaboration across different teams through integrations with third-party platforms such as Slack, O365, Teams, or GSuite.

Security and Health

Cloud computing offers a new model for enhancing healthcare delivery and increasing the operational flexibility of medical organizations. It enables improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and agility in healthcare operations. Cloud computing facilitates centralized storage of medical and patient information, enhancing data management and access. This, in turn, supports more efficient methods of claims processing, patient management, and enrollment, leading to improved healthcare services.