Software Development

In today’s digital age, companies face the challenge of optimizing costs and aligning IT with business outcomes. To tackle these challenges, custom application development has become an attractive option that surpasses the capabilities offered by off-the-shelf solutions. By enhancing existing software and creating new ones, organizations are leveraging customized solutions to transform their businesses.

Cedrus Technology offers a comprehensive range of custom application development services that empower enterprises to harness the power of custom software development to support new functionalities and enhance the customer and partner experience. Our Custom Software Development services are backed by deep industry expertise, supporting both modern and legacy platforms. We work with platforms such as .NET and Java, PaaS (Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Salesforce Automation), as well as mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

Software Modernization & Development

Our reliance on technology, particularly software applications, is growing at an unprecedented rate. This is not only because technology is constantly evolving, but also because our lives are continually evolving. Cedrus Technology provides Application Services to businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises using a single software system to large organizations employing hundreds of software systems across the enterprise. We understand the importance of effectively supporting the evolving needs of our clients. Cedrus Technology offers Application Services throughout the entire product lifecycle – we develop and deliver new solutions, update, test, and modify applications, and manage end-of-life replacement and migration.

Software Support Services

In today’s 24/7 business environment, application failures or unexpected downtime can frustrate end users and have a detrimental impact on your bottom line. As budgets tighten and application landscapes become increasingly complex, you need an experienced strategic IT partner to strengthen your application development and support. Cedrus Technology work with you to understand your business and develop solutions to maximize application availability and consistency. Our goal is to help your organization reduce costs, mitigate risks, improve ROI, and accelerate your response to market opportunities, enabling you to achieve your long-term objectives.

Software Security

Our software security services help protect access to applications, data, and networks by securing the connections between users and cloud-based SaaS and PaaS offerings. Our security solution monitoring system accesses and protects both the information stored by the user within the cloud application and the data transmitted through the cloud application. We design and build our software with secure gateways that allow you to launch and run your product in a protected cloud environment. While safeguarding the system against cyber attacks, we ensure that the system enables administrators to manage the service and set permissions for accessing your enterprise cloud application.